Summary Care Record

Your core Summary Care Record (SCR) is created when you register at a GP practice. If you do not express a preference, it is currently assumed that your consent is implied.

The SCR shares only your contact details, medications and allergies with other healthcare professionals involved in your care.

You can also choose to share a SCR with Additional Information. This shares the above plus a diagnosis list, care plans, end of life care and immunisations with other healthcare professionals. Sensitive data is excluded. A SCR with Additional Information will only be created for you if you explicitly choose this option.

Choosing to share a SCR with Additional Information is thought to be of great benefit if you are admitted to hospital.

You can opt out of sharing any of your information in a SCR. It will not affect your entitlement to care, but it could result in the delivery of your care being less efficient as other health professionals will not have access to these parts of your medical history.

Summary Care Record – What you need to know

Summary Care Record – Additional Information Consent Form